Everything You Need to Know About Livermore Wine Tasting


Livermore Valley is an incredible wine growing region, and has been enjoying a renaissance. One thing that makes Livermore wine tasting so special is our unique terroir. But what, exactly, is terroir? That’s a great question, and one that’s important to know so you make the most of your Livermore wine tasting experience.

Livermore Valley Terroir

Livermore winery events
Livermore wine tastings display the region’s magnificent terroir.

A French term, terroir expresses a sense of place—the way local conditions of land, climate, culture and technique create region-specific attributes. Terroir also implies a partnership between person, plant and environment.

Livermore Valley’s unique orientation and coastal location create special micro-climates that make wine growing a rewarding prospect. The qualities that define our terroir are well-drained soils, the relative high altitude of the valley and daily, summer maritime breezes—the same qualities that make our region a desirable vacation spot!

Livermore Wineries

The Livermore Valley is ripe with wineries. It’s almost impossible to say you should go to “a” wine tasting in Livermore…there are so many Livermore wine tasting opportunities, you could plan an entire vacation around it.

To help you make heads or tails of all our excellent offerings, the Livermore Valley Wine Country offers itinerary planners and suggested tours so vinophiles can make the most of their visit.

A Superlative Livermore Wine Tasting

Whatever your style—elegant and refined, or casual and family-friendly—there’s a vineyard for you to fully enjoy your Livermore wine tasting experience, your way. Here are a few standout options…

3 Steves Winery 

The Steves open their winery every weekend and promise at least one of them will be there to show you around, serve you in a tasting, and generally share their passion for vino. This is one of the wineries in Livermore CA that also offers picnicking areas and welcomes pets.

Bent Creek Winery

Featuring a backdrop of an oak-dotted ridge and surrounded by vineyards, the Bent Creek Winery commands spectacular views of the valley. In addition to prize-winning red wines and white wines, you can also taste a variety of ports. Visitors are invited to enjoy quality, handcrafted wines in a serene setting.

Big White House 

This winery focuses on Rhone-type varieties, created small-lot luxury wines “of rare quality.” Big White House is one of two labels here, the other being John Evans Cellars. The labels put all their efforts into the product rather than the props: he tasting room is informal and intimate. Winemaker John Evan Marion is usually available in the tasting room to guide you.

BoaVentura Winery

This winery has roots in family history as well as local history. Owners Brett and Monique honor their ancestral vintner BoaVentura Baptiste de Caires with their handcrafted wines. The scenery is outstanding at this winery, and your tasting will show the complexity achieved by this winery’s three microclimates.

Concannon Vineyard 

Concannon Vineyard is one of the wineries in Livermore CA offering the most variety in tasting and touring experiences. Several private, guided tastings are available, each hosted by a Concannon Estate Ambassador. This is exactly the type of experience you might imagine from an established winery on a historic estate—although the atmosphere at tastings is relaxed.

McGrail Vineyards and Winery

The McGrail Vineyards and Winery prides itself on making premium estate grown Cabernet Sauvignon. Located just past Poppy Ridge Golf Course, this winery’s beautiful views from the patio and a sprawling lawn are ideal for enjoying picnics.

Rodrigue Molyneaux Winery

The tasting room and gardens at this winery are lovely and relaxing. Owners Nancy and Garry operate one of the largest California Native Gardens in Livermore Valley on the property, which you can enjoy as you sample the estate wines.

Wente Vineyards 

This is another of the wineries offering extensive tastings and tours in two areas, the Estate Tasting Room and the Vineyard Tasting Room.

Estate room tours include views of the equipment in operation, alongside private and group tastings. At the Vineyard Tasting Room, historic sandstone caves are part of the tour. You’ll also get to enjoy a special tasting either indoors or on the Terrace Patio during spring and summer months.

And of course, Wente offers outstanding summer concerts every year that bring in world-renowned music industry artists. Here at The Purple Orchid, we even offer packages for concert-goers. And our free area vacation guide can help you plan your stay!