Experience breathtaking beauty while horseback riding in Livermore

The beautiful rolling hills of the valley and the surrounding area absolutely call for you to enjoy horseback riding in Livermore. If you have your own horse, we recommend contacting stables like Reinstein RanchCerro Vista, Cayeteano Ridge, and Livermore Livery to work out arrangements. But if you’re not a horse owner but simply wish to enjoy the incredible wilds of the East Bay region on horseback, Western Trailing Riding Services is the way to go. (For more of our favorite things to see and do in the area, download our free vacation guide!)

horseback riding in Livermore
Breathtaking scenery abounds when you go horseback riding in Livermore.

About Western Trail Riding

Many of the East Bay Parks offer beautiful trails for you to go horseback riding in Livermore. But if you’re a little less experienced and looking for a guided horseback riding adventure, Western Trail Riding Services can take you! Operating in Sunol-Ohlone Regional Park and Las Trampas Regional Park, multiple rides of varying lengths give you plenty of options.

Long or short rides on the backs of beautiful horses. Fresh air and open country. What could be better? Plus, weather permitting, you can enjoy trail rides year-round. Be sure to schedule your rides in advance (and they don’t offer trail rides on Mondays).

Sunol-Ohlone Regional Park

The majestic Sunol-Ohlone Regional Park is a premiere destination for the San Francisco Bay Area. Visitors enjoy the experience of a western trail ride, while allowing you to enjoy horses without owning one. Here are available rides:

Valley Loop – $30 per person  An introductory horseback riding experience. Approximately 25-30 minute trail ride.

Shady Lane – $45 per person  A beautiful quiet path following Alameda Creek downstream, crossing the creek each direction. Approximately 1-hour trail ride.

Little Yosemite – $45 per person  Ride along the scenic gorge towards Little Yosemite about 2 miles upstream, crossing the creek each direction. Approximately 1-hour trail ride.

Live Oak Tree – $60 per person  Ride along Alameda Creek through the live oak trees. Approximately 1.5-hour trail ride.

“W” Tree – $75 per person  Ride along Alameda Creek past past the scenic gorge known as Little Yosemite to the infamous “W” Tree at the park boundary. Approximately 2-hour trail ride.

Flagg Hill – $75 per person  Experience one of the most amazing views in the region! After fording Alameda Creek, follow Hayfield Road through oak-studded grasslands past High Valley Barn to the prominence Flagg Hill. Approximately a 2-hour ride.

Cerro Estes – $90 per person  This is the only loop ride. At the summit of Cerro Estes, you may just see soaring eagles. Approximately a 2.5-hour ride.

McGuire Peaks – $135 per person  This is the most picturesque ride: redwood trees, eucalyptus giants, old home sites, sweeping vistas of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, wildflowers, and more! Approximately a 4-hour ride.

Park Tour – $180 per person (byo lunch) or $220 per person (lunch provided)  Visit several of the above sites. Enjoy the day with a picnic. Approximately a 6-hour ride. Experienced riders.

Las Trampas Regional Park

Las Trampas is a seasonal trail riding facility, unlike Sunol. Enjoy these options in the summer months…

Canyon Trail – $30 per person  This is an introductory riding experience providing a glimpse of Las Trampas Regional Park. Approximately a 25-30 minute ride.

Bollinger Creek Loop – $45 per person  Leave the stables, follow Bollinger Loop Trail towards north end of the park through coast live oak, bay laurel and the grasslands. Approximately a 1-hour ride.

Las Trampas Tour -$60 per person  Follow the Bollinger Creek trail to the northern park boundary. Approximately a 1.5-hour ride.

Rocky Ridge Ride – $75 per person  Offers incredible views. You’ll follow the Bollinger Loop trail a short distance to the Elderberry Trail and meander through the coast live oak and bay laurel, black sage, chamise and buck brush trees to the top of Rocky Ridge. Approximately a 2-hour ride.


We hope you’ll stay with us at The Purple Orchid, located in the beautiful Livermore Valley. Spend an afternoon exploring the gorgeous scenery on horseback, then indulge in our spa and massage treatments to unwind and recharge. Our free area vacation guide can help you plan your getaway.