Get Ready to Conquer the Beautiful Murietta Falls Trail!

Located on the Ohlone Wilderness Trail, Murietta Falls is a regional gem! If you’re an outdoors enthusiast, you simply must take advantage of our region’s stunning beauty and temperate climate and go exploring. We think Livermore is one of our country’s greatest secrets when it comes to showing off the gorgeous outdoors!

If you need more ideas of what to do during your stay in Livermore, be sure to check out our completely free, downloadable Vacation Guide! We’ve packed in all the information you need to make your time at The Purple Orchid Resort and Spa the best it can be. And now, let’s jump right in to why we know you’ll love Murietta Falls!

Our Favorite Activities at Murietta Falls!

Murietta Falls are within a magnificent 9,737-acre parkland, accessible only by way of the Ohlone Wilderness Trail. Be prepared to hike, or ride on horseback! The centerpiece of the trail is the 3,817-foot Rose Peak, just 32 feet lower than Mount Diablo. Surrounding Rose Peak are grassy ridges, profusely flowered during certain seasons. The abundance of wildlife includes golden eagles, mountain lions, and tule elk. Bring your binoculars and camera, because you are guaranteed to see something that is out of the ordinary!

Hiking the Trail

Murietta Falls is not an easy trail, so be prepared! If you’re new to hiking, this may not be the best place to start. The actual trail is about twelve and a half miles there and back and you’ll go about four thousand feet in elevation during the hike. Interestingly, the falls are only actually filled with water for about a quarter of the year! Even if you manage to catch the falls during a dry spell, the views are worth the climb.

Horseback Riding the Trail

Not sure you can make the climb but dying to see Murietta Falls and the heart-stopping views? You can borrow someone else’s legs – all four of them! Horses are allowed on the Murietta Falls Trail and considering this is one of the Bay Area’s toughest climbs, you might want to take advantage of it. Standing next to your new equine friend overlooking the gorgeous green hills liberally sprinkled with wildflowers is a moment you will never forget.

Fine Print of the Trail

Everyone who is planning on hiking or horseback riding the Murietta Falls Trail will need to acquire an Ohlone Wilderness Regional Trail Hiking Permit/Map for day use. You can get your permit at The fee is a reasonable $4 per person, per year for first five permits.

Anxious to see water in the falls and wildflowers on the hills during your trip? We recommend going in the winter and early spring for the best views! Our winters are very temperate and make for fantastic weather for climbing.

Relaxing After the Trail

There is really nothing better than the high – both literally and figuratively – that comes after beating one of the hardest trails in this part of California. We love helping adventurers succeed in their goals and then celebrate afterward! If you’re planning a trip to Murietta Falls, follow it up with a stay at our beautiful resort and take advantage of our sports massages and Jacuzzi tubs to help ease the post-climb soreness. We can’t wait to watch you conquer the trail!