Are you looking for a California Yoga Retreat?

Look no further than Livermore, CA! Our Joya Yoga Retreat package in Livermore Wine Country is just steps away from the busy cities of San Francisco and San Jose. This yoga retreat in California is perfect for a personal exploration and time to reflect, and it can also be done with friends or family! Get the ultimate relaxation right in your own backyard at affordable prices with this local yoga package.

Escape for a Yoga Retreat

Our relaxing Yoga Retreat in Calfornia package can be reserved for a 1, 3, or 5-day yoga retreat and includes:

  • 2 yoga classes at Joya each day
  • A $15 Steam House gift card
  • One LED light Bed Therapy Session at Joya
  • One 80 minute massage or Eminence Facial or Body Scrub/Wrap at the Purple Orchid Resort and Spa.
  • All the other standard amenities that come with your loding at Purple Orchid including complimentary Gathering Hour, breakfast, wireless internet, etc.
Livermore Yoga Retreat