Sound Bath Healing Session

Let the soothing sounds of my Crystal Sound Bowls bathe you in healing vibrations as I restore your Chakras and renew your energy.
Why participate in a Sound Bath Healing Session with the Crystal Sound Bowls?  


A Sound Bath helps restore and re-align your Chakras. Everyday you receive information from people and experiences; sometimes those people and experiences are uplifting, sometimes you may feel hurt by those people and situations. Over time, those hurts and negative experiences can bump your Chakras out of alignment and leaving them blocked. Even the smallest of blockages can affect your health. For example, if you’ve had a break up, the Heart Chakra can get injured.  Because the heart and lungs are linked, you may experience respiratory illness,  such as a cold or, a deeper wound that may show up as asthma. The Heart Chakra is tuned to the F note. When we play the F-note bowl, the Heart Chakra is addressed with that frequency, so the heart and lungs can begin to heal.  

What should I expect when I come to a sound healing?  

This experience is different for every person depending on how deep the healing goes. You may feel peaceful, sleepy, emotional, or even uncomfortable. You may feel comfortable, chilled, or too warm. The “throat” bowl, which is the G note, may cause one to clear their throat. The “solar plexus” bowl, which is the E note, may cause a stomach to growl. Whichever physical response you are feeling in your body, it is okay. Allow your body to respond how it may. Then, take a deep breath to allow the physiological response to your chakra’s blockage to pass and relax while you receive the benefits of the healing bowls.  

At the start of a Sound Bath Healing Session, I will ask that you set Intention. Intention = Goal.  What would you like to achieve by attending a Sound Bath Healing session? Your goal might be small, like:  “I want the pain in my wrist to subside”, or grand, like: “I want my grief to end and my peace to begin”. You can whisper this out into your space, share this with a nearby participant, or keep this Intention private in your own mind. It all works.  What matters is that your heart, mind, and physiological being are all understanding the same intention so that you can reach your goal.

What should I wear/bring?  

Wear comfortable clothes, possibly even layers depending on the setting.  Bring a mat, blanket, and bottle of water. As the Sound Bath Healing vibrations move energy, it can feel a little like a mood detox. We facilitate this detox movement with fluids, which is why you will want water nearby. If you wear Mala beads or use crystals, you can wear/bring those for a good energy exchange.  

How will the session be done?

The Sound Bath Healing Session can be done in either a sitting or lying position.  Position yourself comfortably so that your body is relaxed. The session will take approximately 15-20 minutes. When the musical vibration from the Crystal Sound Bowls is complete, I recommend you remain quietly in your comfortable position and take in some deep inhales and exhales to the count of 4 beats inward and 6 beats outward to help set your experience.