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What is the Best Town to Stay in Wine Country California?

California, because of the beautiful year-round temperate weather and sunshine, is one of the best places in the world to grow a vineyard. Our state is known for our wineries, but when looking for a great place to stay to experience all that a wine country town can offer, we know you have lots of options! Livermore is right in the heart of wine country, California, and we have so much to experience here! We\’ve compiled a list of our top favorite things that set Livermore apart from all the other wine country towns.

Need more information about Livermore or the Purple Orchid Resort and Spa? We have done all the hard work for you! Download a copy of our completely free Vacation Guide. It has everything you need to know about our gorgeous resort, our spa, the Livermore area and some great places to eat and things to do here. After all, we believe Livermore is the best town to stay in wine country, California!

Livermore\’s History is Rich in Wine.

We\’ve mentioned Livermore\’s rich wine history before, so if you\’ve read our blog for awhile, you already know this! For all our new friends, did you know that Livermore is on record as being the oldest wine region in California? We are so proud of our history! We love to see the wineries in our city continuing our town\’s earliest traditions.

In the Contest between Napa and Livermore, Livermore Wins.

We\’ve done the comparisons and Livermore always wins over Napa as the top wine country town! Not only are we the oldest wine region in California, but our extensive selection of winery tours, tastings and events, as well as our beautiful and historic downtown, definitely sets us apart. We love our neighboring town, but we are pretty partial to Livermore as the best town to stay in wine country California!

Rolling Green Hills, Beautiful Blue Skies.

Livermore really has it all. We are a quick drive away to San Francisco for the taste of the salty sea air and the ambiance of the big city, and we are tucked into the most enchantingly beautiful rolling green hills and blue sunny skies. Our wineries, restaurants and golf courses are world renowned for a reason! There really is no better place to come for relaxation and fun on your California getaway.

Livermore is the Best Town to Stay in Wine Country California!

One of our absolute favorite things to do is introduce our new guests to the beauty of Livermore Valley! We love seeing our new friends discover their new favorite wines, their new favorite hangouts and their new favorite activities. At the Purple Orchid Resort and Spa, our top priority is to make sure you are having the best California getaway possible! Our luxurious resort and spa have every amenity to make your vacation as relaxing, fun and comfortable as it can be! We offer some amazing packages and specials as well, so be sure to check those out. We can\’t wait to see you for your Livermore wine country experience!

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