You are cordially invited to be a founding member of The Purple Orchid Resort & Spa’s Kick-off of the De Anza Olive Oil Club!

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About the Club:

In honor of being on the De Anza National Historic Trail, we’re inviting you, your family and friends to join our brand-new De Anza Olive Oil Club!

You will learn about the Spanish Manzanilla Olive grown throughout California which was brought over from Spain and planted during the early Mission Days of old California and along the De Anza Trail.

Annual membership of the De Anza Olive Oil Club entitles members to experience olives from first bloom to harvest, adopt an olive tree, and participate in events throughout the year with olive orchard operations from pruning to the harvesting and bottling of extra virgin olive oil. We offer three levels of annual membership which all include participation in three seasonal events (Spring, Summer, Fall), focusing on education and hands-on learning of the Manzanilla Olive including pruning in the spring, pest-control in the summer and, of course, harvesting in the fall. The history of olives in California will be covered throughout the year.


Each annual membership allows members to plant their stake next to their adopted tree(s). All events include a family-style meal for up to 2 adults and 2 children (there is a nominal fee for more children):

  • $100 level – adoption of one Olive tree for 2019 and receive 1 bottle of Olive Oil after harvest
  • $200 level – adoption of two Olive trees for 2019 and receive 6 bottles of Olive Oil after harvest
  • $300 level – adoption of three Olive trees for 2019 and receive a case (12) of Olive Oil after harvest.

To become a founding member, call (925) 606-8855 or email today.


Late October/Early Fall: Harvest Gathering – details to come
Spring 2019: Pruning and tree selection – datails to come