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Everything You Need to Know About the Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco

One of our favorite things about the Bay Area is that we’re near some of the best annual events in the world! The Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco is one example of a celebration we love to attend each year. It’s also one of the only remaining celebrations of its kind. The Chinese New Year celebration’s first iterations date back to the 1860s. Since then, the celebration has evolved into a combination of thematic floats, colorful costumes, and much more! 

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Your Top 3 Questions About the Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco, Answered

What Do You Do for Chinese New Year?

The Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year in regions that use moon cycles to track time the same way that Western cultures use months. One distinct difference between the Chinese New Year and the Western New Year is that it’s celebrated for 15 days or an entire moon cycle. Common Chinese New Year celebrations include bright, colorful decorations and dress, dancing and fireworks displays, indulging in sweet treats, and more! 

What Time Is the Chinese New Year Parade?

The 2020 Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco is set to take place on Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The parade will also be televised across the United States and beyond. Watch colorful floats as they make their way along the streets of San Francisco! 

Where Does the Chinese New Year Parade Start?

The Chinese New Year Parde treks from 2nd and Market Streets en route to its final destination at Kearny Street and Columbus Avenue. The parade totals just under 1.5 miles. Visit the celebration in-person, or tune-in to watch the parade route from home! 

More Annual Celebrations in the Bay Area

The Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco is one of the most famous annual events in our area, and one of the most famous of its kind in the world! More local events that we love to attend include:

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