Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park

How to Have a Great Day in Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park

The Livermore Valley is a panorama of beautiful natural landscapes and temperate weather. There’s so much to enjoy outdoors in our region, especially the parks. The Livermore Area Parks Department has kicked it up a notch, really providing some amazing parks in Livermore for everyone from pet-owners to naturalists.

Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park combines everything that’s great about Livermore area parks.

Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park

Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park
Hiking is one of the best ways to enjoy Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park

This beautiful park is more than 5,200 acres of oak-covered ridge overlooking Pleasanton and the Livermore Valley from the west.

Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park is planned as the core of a Ridgelands Regional Park, a huge undertaking that will unfold over a number of eyars. The main goal of this development, though, has been intentionally limited to preserve the pastoral atmosphere.

The park occupies Pleasanton Ridge and beyond. To the northwest it spills down off Pleasanton Ridge into upper Kilkare Canyon, where it continues up onto Sunol Ridge, finally reaching its westernmost corner in Stoneybrook Canyon. Inside the park, elevations exceed 1,600 feet.

Hikers, equestrians and cyclists will enjoy the  multipurpose trail system in the park rom the main staging area on Foothill Road. Along these trails you’ll experience canyon views, ridgetop vistas, and access to stunning remote, deep-canyon streams.

Something else that’s totally cool about Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park? You can download a podcast about the park to help guide you in your visit. Listen to podcast. (What you get on the Pleasanton Ridge Podcast (duration: 4 min 45 sec): Park introduction, then description of 5.8-mile moderate-to-challenging hike: Oak Tree Staging Area to Oak Tree Trail, to Thermalito Trail, to Ridgeline Trail, to Woodland Trail or Oak Tree Trail, to Oak Tree Staging Area.)

Other Livermore Park Experiences

Dog parks 

If you have some canine family members, there are seven–count em, seven!–parks in Livermore for dogs. Let your pooch off leash and work on some new tricks, play catch, or simply let Fido stretch his legs.

Open Space Parks

Naturalists will adore the parks in Livemore dedicated to open space. In these parks, you can take walks with family, jog, ride horses, bike or picnic, all in a pristine natural setting. You\’ll be surrounded by wildflowers in the spring, enjoy the rush of streams, observe birds in their natural habitats, and so much more.

Brushy Peak

Brushy Peak open space park has drawn people to its slopes for hundreds of years. It is considered a sacred place by Native American people. Brushy Peak guided tours–the only way to see the park, in order to protect it–will take you to the top of the peak, where you will look out across the Central Valley toward the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Several endangered and threatened species call Brushy Peak home, including red-legged frogs, California tiger salamander and two species of fairy shrimp. You may even see golden eagles, horned larks, ground squirrels, fence lizards and coyotes.

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