Ashi/Thai DeepFeet Bar Therapy

Ashi/Thai DeepFeet Bar Therapy

Ashi/Thai is like traditional Thai massage because of the slow deep passive stretching that occurs during this fusion blend of Ashiatsu and Thai massage.  Ashi/Thai is performed on the table with the support of the overhead bar structure to help provide balance and support for the therapist. Because of this, we can combine traditional Ashiatsu compression and trigger point work through the clothes while also providing assisted passive Thai massage stretching. You will find yourself much more comfortable with the table and footwork of Ashi/Thai versus the thumb pressure and floor work of traditional Thai Massage. The massage therapist is highly trained by DeepFeet Bar Therapy. The therapist provides deep compressive massage paired with slow relaxing stretches for a whole body massage which releases muscles spasms, improves range of motion, softens tissue, and increases relaxation.

 Ashi Thai Benefits 

  • Release muscle spasms
  • Increase Relaxation
  • Improves range of motion
  • Breaks up adhesion’s
  • Softens fascia (connective tissue)

Note: You do not disrobe for this massage. Please wear gym or yoga clothing. A bathing suit will even work. You will be stretched in all different directions, so if modesty is an issue, please bring appropriate clothing since draping is not used.

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