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Here’s What You’ll Love About Caddis Winery in Livermore

Robert Livermore planted the first commercial grapes in our region during the 1840s. Back then, he likely didn’t know the last impact his simple act would have. These commercial grapevines paved the way for Livermore to be the first designated wine region in the state. Our temperate weather, nutrient-rich soils, and passionate vintners have propelled Livermore Valley to the top of the nation’s wine scene. Now, our area is home to countless wineries. Some old, some new, all equally enchanting. Check out what makes Caddis Winery in Livermore so special below. Then, request a copy of our complimentary Vacation Guide to flesh out your wine-centric itinerary. 

Everything You Need to Know About Caddis Winery in Livermore

They Have Appellations in Livermore and Sonoma 

Caddis Winery has appellations in both Livermore Valley and Sonoma County. Each region produces great wine by way of its unique landscape and weather conditions. Livermore’s appellation produces “fully-ripened” and “balanced” fruit because of the maritime winds that cool the air at night. 

You can expect the Sonoma fruits to be more naturally balanced due to winds that slow down ripening. In this way, Caddis Winery allows customers to taste excellence from all over Wine Country. 

You Can Attend the Great Seasonal Events

As of now, visiting and tasting opportunities at Caddis Winery are extremely limited. While this winery is not open to the public on a weekly basis, they do host seasonal events that are! These exciting, themed events are your chance to enjoy their best small-lot blends, snacks, live music, and more. For regular visiting opportunities, join the Caddis Wine Club. Or, spend the holidays with them during Holidays in the Vineyards

Shop the Wine Online 

You can still indulge in their unique Livermore Valley and Sonoma County blends even if you’re not able to attend their seasonal events. Caddis Winery’s online wine shop allows you to purchase their limited variety of wines from virtually anywhere. Chris Sorensen, owner of Caddis Winery and seasoned winemaker, wants their product to “… not only reflect the terroir of the vineyards but are delicious and extremely pleasing to the palate.” Order a bottle and taste what it’s all about!

Explore Wine Country When You Stay With the Purple Orchid 

Vintners Estate King Suite

Stay with us during your visit to one of the events at Caddis Winery. Or, uncork your very own bottle in one of our Livermore, CA, guest rooms. The Purple Orchid’s luxuriously appointed guest rooms are the perfect place to rest after a day exploring what the local appellations have to offer on a wine tasting tour

The Vintner’s Estate King Suite is only the most fitting accommodation for your wine-centric getaway. This room has main-level access, a king-size bed, tub for two, and in-room breakfast service. Take advantage of all of the included amenities during your stay, including access to our premier spa.

Reserve your room in California’s original Wine Country today!

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