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Wine Wednesday in Livermore Is the Most Effective Way to Cure the Midweek Blues

Something has to be done about the midweek rut. Most weeks, when Wednesday rolls around, morale is lower than at the beginning of the week as people begin to dream of the weekend. Get a taste of what the weekend has to offer with Wine Wednesday in Livermore. This year-long wine tasting series features a wide variety of Livermore Valley wineries that host tastings each Wednesday evening during their respective weeks. Because it runs all year, there’s no reason not to take a trip from the Bay Area to Livermore Valley for an evening of wining and dining. Even if you can only make it for the evening, explore more of Livermore Valley with the help of our complimentary Vacation Guide!

Everything You Need to Know About Winery of the Week & Wine Wednesday in Livermore 

Escape from the Bay Area for the Evening 

As part of Winery of the Week, Wine Wednesday in Livermore is designed with Livermore locals and Bay Area visitors alike in mind. The weekly event kicks off each Wednesday with a tasting from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the respective winery’s tasting room. Even Bay Area visitors can attend this event by taking off a bit early from work!

This three-hour-long midweek event is ideal for couples to grab a glass of wine before dining out at Livermore’s best restaurants. Or, make a night of Wine Wednesday by simply hanging around and mingling with community members and even the winemakers themselves! After Wednesday, the weekly event is in full swing as the winery carries out other planned activities. 

Featured Wineries in Livermore Valley 

It’s hard to fit every Livermore Valley winery into this weekly event! As one of California’s oldest wine regions, our area is home to an abundance of great winemakers. It would be nearly impossible to taste all of the wine that’s produced here. Luckily, most of our favorites are featured in this weekly event. Just to name a few, Leisure Street, Wente Vineyards, 3 Steves, Wood Family Vineyards, and McGrail Vineyards have all had the spotlight during this year’s Winery of the Week. 

Learn More About Local Winemakers 

Wine Wednesday is a truly community-centric event that welcomes locals and visitors alike. Most winemakers fill out a profile forum about themselves and their business before hosting Wine Wednesday. Find out how the broke into the winemaking business, what challenges and inspires them, and so much more. Knowing the story behind the bottle makes it that much more enjoyable!

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