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Where are the best places to hike in Livermore?

Livermore and the Tri-Valley region are rich with beauty! Hiking in Livermore is a necessity when it comes to taking advantage of the area\’s natural landmarks and features. There are many options for hiking in Livermore, from paved paths to off-the-beaten-path loops, scenic overlooks and heavenly views.

We love helping you plan every detail of your trip to our beautiful part of the country and we\’ve put everything you need to know in our downloadable complimentary Vacation Guide! Learn more about our incredible resort and all the activities there are to do here, including how to find some amazing hiking in Livermore.

The best hiking in Livermore!

We\’ve made a list of our top favorite hikes – but this is just the tip of the mountain (pun intended!) when it comes to the gorgeous trails in our part of the country. We\’ve written about a few our of favorite hikes in the past as well!

Climb the Infamous Mount Diablo

Mount Diablo is a Tri-Valley landmark! The view from the summit is unparalleled. From the Diablo Valley Overlook, you can even see the Golden Gate Bridge!

The visitor\’s center offers an observation deck and natural history exhibits. There are over 520 miles of trails around Mount Diablo, including biking, equestrian, various difficulties of hiking and even handicap accessible trails! We\’ve written much, much more about our favorite mountain before – it\’s definitely a hike worth taking!

Stroll along Isabel Trail

Isabel Trail is another multi-use trail. You can bike, walk, run or horseback along the trail. It runs along the new section of Isabel Avenue. Most of the trail is separated from the road, so it is an ideal walk especially if you have kids with you!

Explore Sycamore Grove Park

Sycamore Grove Park offers some more slightly secluded hiking in Livermore. A 2.5-mile long paved path connects the two parking lots at the park, but dirt paths branch off along the way allowing you to explore a variety of habitats. These paths offer both flat terrain and hill climbs that\’ll lead to fabulous views of the Livermore Valley.

Because of the seclusion of Sycamore Grove Park, it\’s an ideal place to see more of the wildlife in our part of the country! Along the Arroyo Del Valle you might see frogs, pond turtles, dragonflies, ducks or muskrats.You\’ll also see grassland and oak woodland habitats. Plenty of woodland birds, amphibians and other critters call this park home.

Experience History along the Iron Horse Regional Trail

The Iron Horse Regional Trail is such a unique hike! It follows the path the historic Southern Pacific Railroad used from 1891-1977. It\’s about twelve miles long. The trail is nice and flat, so it\’s an ideal biking trail. It does cross several streets – so watch for traffic if you decide to hike this trail!

Hike Back to your Home Away from Home

We love watching our guests experience all our beautiful town has to offer! When you get back to The Purple Orchid Resort and Spa after your hike, be sure to check out our Sports Massage. It will rejuvenate and relax those tired muscles and allow you to sleep like a baby in your plush suite. All of our suites have Jacuzzi tubs and private fireplaces! There\’s no better way to relax from a long hike!

We can\’t wait to see you and show you all that Livermore has to offer!

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