Livermore bike trails

These Livermore Bike Trails are Perfect for All Skill Levels

Livermore has been compared to Tuscany, and not just because of the vineyards. Avid cyclists have been known to compare Livermore and the Tri-Valley area to Tuscan hills. And Livermore has seen plenty of cycling in recent years, since it’s been a host city multiple times for the Amgen Tour of California race. No matter what your skill level, there are several Livermore bike trails for you to ride and join in on our local love of cycling.

City of Livermore Bike Trails

Livermore bike trails
Livermore bike trails have been compared to riding through Tuscan hills.

Two main trails wind their way through Livermore CA, but there are several more multiuse greenways in planning stages. The South Livermore Valley Trail extends from Wetmore Road near Sycamore Grove Park, along Wente Street and Concannon Boulevard, ending on Tesla Road at Mines Road. Future connectors will link this trail to Vasco Road. The Arroyo Mocho Trail, which combines City of Livermore and LARPD trail segments, runs from Concannon Boulevard west toward Isabel Avenue.

The Arroyo Mocho, one of the municipal Livermore bike trails, runs about 3 miles. It passes through some of the oldest and most interesting Southern California neighborhoods, following the route of the Historic Horace Dobbins Cycleway.

In the past, we’ve also written about the Iron Horse Trail, which is one of the most recently completed Livermore bike trails. The Iron Horse Bike Trail is a multi-use, whole-access trail between the cities of Concord and Pleasanton. Fun fact: the trail follows the Southern Pacific Railroad right-of-way established in 1891 and abandoned in 1977.

Completed in 2014, the Iron Horse Bike Trail spans 32 miles of California landscape and history. The trail was established after thirty years of planning. It was a long time coming, but well worth the wait.

Get Outfitted at Livermore Cyclery

The Livermore Cyclery has been around since 1976. It’s been serving cyclists and sharing Livermore bike trails with would-be riders for so long, it’s an institution. Owner Steve Howard runs this family business with top-quality service and expertise as the foundation.

The Livermore Cyclery lists many Livermore bike paths on its website, many of which follow winding routes through the Valley’s beautiful wineries.

Important Note: you can rent bicycles at Livermore Cyclery. They’ll help you pick the right equipment for the type of ride you’re hoping to enjoy, and the friendly staff will definitely advise you on routes based on how long you want to ride, what distance, and what your abilities are.

Picking Your Route

As we mentioned above, Livermore Cyclery has an extensive list of Livermore bike trails on its website.

You might also find the Livemore page on MapMyRide helpful, since it not only shows route maps, but lists the Livermore bike trails by distance. There’s no getting stuck on a longer ride than you’d intended if you pick your route by length.

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