Fun Facts about Livermore CA History!

Livermore, California, is a destination steeped in history. We love our town and we love sharing about it. Get ready for some incredibly fun facts about the Livermore CA history!

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Livermore CA History Right at Your Fingertips

There is so much to share about our beloved town that there\’s no way we can do it all in one post. We would love you to come visit us and learn more! But for today, we are going to share some of our favorite \”fun facts\” about Livermore Valley\’s rich history.

Where Did Livermore Get Its Name?

California was originally a part of Mexico. In 1839, the Mexican government gave a man named Richard Livermore the Livermore Valley. He was a British citizen, who jumped a merchant ship in Monterey, California. Richard Livermore became a naturalized Mexican citizen – converting to Catholicism. He quickly recognized the horticultural benefits of his land and began utilizing it. Always a welcoming host, Richard Livermore set the standard of hospitality in Livermore that we still follow today!

Who Was the First to Plant Grapes in Livermore?

The first grapes planted in Livermore Valley were sown way before it was ever known as Livermore! In 1797, Catholic Padres founded Mission San Jose in the valley. They originally used the beautiful rolling hills as pastures for cattle, but eventually decided to plant grapes. Because of this, Livermore is on the map as California\’s oldest wine region! And, as you all know, Livermore Valley is known for the incredible wine we produce.

What is the Centennial Bulb?

In 1901, one of the Livermore firehouses installed a hand-blown light bulb. This bulb from the Shelby Electric Company is still in use! The Centennial Light Bulb has also been noted in the Guinness Book of World Records as as the world\’s oldest working light bulb. You can see the famous Centennial Bulb on display today. The Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department still maintains by the light bulb!

Livermore CA History – There\’s Always More to Learn!

There is always more to learn and know about our incredible city. We love how the bounty of our land matches the abundance of our past! If you\’re interested in learning more about our beautiful region, be sure to check out the Livermore Heritage Guild.

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