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Livermore Day Spa

Few landscapes in the world are as serene and beautiful as those in California Wine Country. The rolling hills, dazzling sunshine, and open skies are the perfect surroundings for anyone looking to relax and rejuvenate. The Livermore day spa at the Purple Orchid Inn is an excellent place to soak up everything Wine Country has to offer.

Our day spa is one of the main attractions of our twenty-one acre resort and is open every day of the week. Dedicated to the health and wellness of its guests, our Livermore day spa has a wide range of services designed to meet everyone’s needs.

Massages are our way of helping to improve the balance and circulation in our guests as well as nourish and relax them. The Purple Orchid Signature Swedish Massage harmonizes the traditional Swedish style massage and the use of essential oils. This massage is often appealing to our first-time guests. Our 90 minute Purple Orchid Inn Signature Stone Therapy massage is incredible. Warm stones and cold stones are strategically placed on our guests to relieve any trouble areas, remove toxins, and completely relax their whole body. After this massage, our guests feel calm, rejuvenated, and energized.

Other body treatments include our Serenity Salt Glow which not only uses a mixture of oil and salt from the Dead Sea to exfoliate our guests’ skin, but it is also a purifying process. The Herbal Wrap is a treatment most of our guests choose when they feel dehydrated or tense. We take sheets of linen that have been infused with herbs and wrap them around our guest, thus creating a cocoon effect.

When it comes to professional skin care treatments we have something to target every inch. Guests who have a tight schedule often go for our Express Facial which cleanses and exfoliates without taking too long. Our guests with more time on their hands, or who need to be pampered, can indulge in the Purple Orchid Inn Signature Rejuvenating Facial. This treatment uses masks that are specially prepared for the individual needs of each guest and goes an extra step by including a hand massage as well. We also offer a Back “Facial” which helps our guests who have back acne.

There are many more treatments which our guests have found to be extremely beneficial and which we hope you will come and try for yourself.

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