Whether it’s to refresh, relax, or rejuvenate, our Livermore facial services will leave you feeling revitalized. We offer everything from facials for dry or acne-prone skin, to detox facials, to age-correcting treatments that will help your skin stay young. Call us today or click below to book your facial treatment at our Livermore spa.

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Biodynamic Signature Facial – 80 minute – $130
A magical beautifying facial that is beyond organic. This facial is hypo-allergenic, which works beautifully for age defying, sensitive, reactive, slightly breakout-prone skin, and even rosacea. The products in the Biodynamic Collection are the most pure and potent, so this facial is an excellent choice prior to special occasions. You’ve never felt so pampered and relaxed. Book now >>

Age Corrective Signature Facial – 80 minute – $130
Protect and preserve your youthful skin with our skin boosting facial pair with the NuFace microcurrent modality. This facial lifts, firms, erases wrinkles, and repairs skin instantly. See results with the collagen boosting Retinol Alternative found in Chicory Root and Swiss Green Apple Stem Cell technology. The NuFace microcurrent improves muscle tone, which helps contour the face leaving a new and improved appearance. Book now >>

VitaSkin Customized Signature Facial – 50 minute – $100
This is one of the most complete and personalized facials that you will ever experience. Eminence Organic products with the finest of botanical blends are chosen according to your skin type to cleanse, exfoliate, massage and masque. You will decide if you would like to Calm, Clear, Firm or Brighten your skin. Book now >>

NuFace Signature Facial – 80 minute – $130
A facelift in minutes. NuFace delivers soft wave microcurrent technology that gently stimulates the facial muscle, improving facial contour and tone. Paired with Age Preventive products to cleanse, exfoliate, masque, and moisturizes the skin. Leaving a new and improved appearance.
Series purchase is recommended. Book now >>

Detox Grove Signature Facial – 50 minute/$100
Is your skin feeling oily and congested? Our Signature Detox Grove Facial is your answer. A daily exfoliating cleanser, an exfoliating mask with our Jalapeno Stimulating Detox Masque is applied to face and décolleté. Extractions will follow. Then enjoy a face, décolleté, forearm, and scalp massage. After your skin will feel rebalanced, nourished and hydrated. Book now >>

Teen Facial – 50 minute – $100 / 80 minute – $130
Is your skin oily, dry, or acne prone? Our teen facial will focus on the needs of your skin type and condition. Each esthetician is trained to help educate your teen on how to take care of his or her skin outside of the spa. For your first visit, take home a FREE teen starter kit! Book now 50 minute >>  /  Book now 80 minute >>

Sportsman Facial – 50 minute – $100
Designed specifically for a man’s skin, this is a complete fitness facial for men using Stone Crop to calm shaving irritation and stress on the skin. The Stone Crop products in the Eminence collection are also great for treating hyperpigmentation for both men and women. Book now >>

Facial Series

50 minute
3- $279.00 (93.00 each)
6- $540.00 (90.00 each)

80 minute
3- $360.00 (120.00 each)
6- $702.00 (117.00 each)

5 Minute Face Lift – 25 minute – $50
See results in minutes. Our NuFace combine with Eminence Organics skincare creates the ultimate express facial. Enjoy a cleanse, a double cleanse with an exfoliant, our NuFace microcurrent, and moisturizer making this facial our 5-minute face lift. Book now >>

Express Facial – 25 minute – $50
Designed as a pick-me-up cleanse, exfoliate and masque between your regular visits. This facial is ideal for those who are new to skincare. Book now >>

Yam and Pumpkin Peel – 25 minute – $50
Our seasonal facial is high in beta carotene, plant enzymes, and antioxidants leaving your skin refine, smooth, and hyperpigmentation reduced. Collagen formation is boosted and skin will be firmed and plumped reducing wrinkle depth and fine lines. Book now >>
This facial is not recommend for sensitive skin, clients using acne medication, or retin A. 


Facial Enhancements

Facial Masque Booster – $15
Choose one of the following boosters for facial enhancement: Acai Firming, Arnica Anti-Redness, Jalapeno Stimulating Detox, Licorice Root Lightening, Willow Bark Anti-Blemish.

Lip Trio – $15
Exfoliate with papaya and pineapple, plump with shea butter and soy peptides, then gloss with organic lemon balm and citrus.

Eye Quattro – $15
This eye treatment will calm puffiness and reduce dark circles, making the delicate skin around your eyes refreshed and youthful.

Lip and Eye Combo – $25

Clarisonic Brush – $15
Optimal cleansing and improves product penetration by 60%. Red LED Light Therapy- Helps reduce inflammation, increase circulation, increase lymph activity and accelerate cellular turnover especially in cystic areas where scar formation and discoloration are likely to occur.

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