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Appreciate the Most Diverse Art at Bankhead Theatre

Livermore Valley has an unassuming performing arts scene. Many come to our area to eat, drink, and be merry amid rolling hills and vineyards. Much like our fine wine, our performing arts also get better with age! Bankhead Theater has been hosting a variety of culturally-diverse shows since 2007. This theater is a proud part of the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center trifecta. The performing arts center’s goal is to be the “cultural heart of Livermore” and with shows ranging from comedy to iconic plays, they’ve seen massive success. Be sure to visit Bankhead Theater and its sister venues during your visit to Livermore. Unearth more things to do in our area with the help of the Purple Orchid’s complimentary Vacation Guide

What Makes the Bankhead Theater of the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center Unique 

Its Community-Driven Mission

Bankhead Theater is part of the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center in conjunction with the Bothwell Arts Center. While the performing arts center’s mission is to become the epicenter of the cultural arts of Livermore, Bankhead Theater focuses more specifically on engaging the community via the arts. As you sit in one of the theater’s 507 seats and view a live performance, you’ll feel the electric energy of community members and visitors alike coming together to appreciate local, national, and international performances. 

Hosting these shows is an important part of the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center’s mission, but it doesn’t do much good if they aren’t easily accessible to the community. That’s why shows at Bankhead Theater as affordable. Most shows are priced around $20 per ticket. For those who can’t afford that, or simply don’t have time to get their children out, LVPAC brings the arts directly to the community with their outreach programs targeted at under-resourced area schools. 

Its Rotating Events & Shows

Bankhead Theater showcases diverse performances year-round. You never know what shows you’ll find here, so be sure to check their upcoming events calendar. If you’re looking for a show of a specific medium or genre, you can filter your search by category. Some of their big-ticket, off-Broadway shows sell out quickly, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled! 

It’s Near Livermore’s Finest Lodging 

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