Livermore-Amador Symphony

From Classics to Pops: Concerts at the Livermore-Amador Symphony

The Livermore-Amador Symphony is a mainstay in the regional cultural scene for more than 50 years. With its passion for uniting education with performance and a precedent of bringing internationally recognized artists to perform with local performers, the Symphony\’s annual shows shine in the regional cultural calendar. The Livermore-Amador Symphony presents an annual program that enlivens the community with outstanding performances, featuring everything from classics to pops and more.

Livermore-Amador Symphony
Livermore-Amador Symphony

Dining at one of Livermore\’s fine restaurants, taking in a show, and staying with us at The Purple Orchid are the recipe for a fantastic, romantic weekend getaway! (For more recommendations on the region’s best things to see and do, download our free area vacation guide!)

About the Livermore-Amador Symphony

With a concert season running from October through May, we’re in prime time for the Amador Symphony schedule. The 2012–2013 program marked the memorable and celebratory 50th season of the Livermore-Amador Symphony.

Today, the orchestra’s sixty musicians range from teenagers to experienced senior citizens—one member has played in the orchestra since its very first season! With its storied history and continual relevance, concerts at the Livermore- Amador Symphony are a must-see.

Upcoming Concerts

We\’re in the heart of the Livermore-Amador Symphony season, so there are still several performances you can catch before it\’s too late…

Inspirational Journeys, on February 18

Composer Jennifer Higdon takes the audience on a spiritual journey in her extraordinary work “Blue Cathedral”, Edvard Grieg evokes a lush Norwegian landscape in his Symphonic Dances, and the inspiring sounds of Beethoven and Sibelius through performances featuring this season’s Competition for Young Musicians winners.

Transfigurations, on April 8

Featuring guest conductor Matilda Hofman, this evening promises to be full of magic and transformation. Wagner’s ethereal prelude to Lohengrin and Tchaikovsky’s hauntingly beautiful Swan Lake are connected by themes of sorcery, redemption, forbidden questions, and swan transformations. The Rosamunde overture is quintessential Schubert, and involves the transformation of a poor shepherdess into a queen. Strauss’s early tone poem Death and Transfiguration is preoccupied with late romantic obsessions of the individual who, struggling with the world, is finally redeemed.

Arabian Nights, on May 20

Critically acclaimed pianist Frank Wiens will perform Grieg’s Piano Concerto in A Minor. A sonic feast of brilliant colors and magnificent orchestral effects, Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade captures the imagination of the audience and never lets go. Based on a series of scenes from The Arabian Nights, Scheherazade the storyteller is represented by beautiful violin solos that magically weave the tales together. Join us as we conclude our season with these two symphonic blockbuster hits!

We encourage you to plan your next Livermore Valley getaway around one of these outstanding performances. Stay with us at the conveniently located Purple Orchid, enjoy a mesmerizing concert, indulge in relaxing spa treatments, and take in all the beautiful Livermore Valley has to offer.

Our free area vacation guide is a great place to start planning. You can also look in our blog archive for the many wonderful restaurants, parks, and cultural sites we’ve highlighted from Livermore in the past.

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