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Murietta Falls Is One of the Most Challenging Hikes. Do You Have What It Takes?

A change of scenery is one of the many reasons you might be yearning for a getaway. Some regions have the ocean and others have mountains. The San Francisco Bay Area, specifically Livermore Valley, has rolling, green hills, and endless blue skies. That’s what you can find on the hike to Murietta Falls! This 11.8-mile trail is located within the Ohlone Wilderness Trail. This trail is the second most challenging in our area, right behind the trek to Rose Peak. While Murietta Falls is a popular hike, it’s also one of the most physically-intense. 

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What You Need to Know About the Hike to Murietta Falls

The Best Conditions for the Hike

At first glance, you might think that the ideal conditions leading up to your hike would be sunny skies. This isn’t the case for the hike to Murietta Falls, though! Due to the usually dry conditions in this area, this 100-foot waterfall is more of a trickling unless it has rained in the days prior. The good news is that this trail doesn’t get too muddy! Just be sure to watch out for slippery rocks. 

Terrain It’s An Uphill Battle

You can expect a clear, dirt road path for most of the hike to Murietta Falls. Watch as your surroundings change from forests to woodlands to grasslands along the way. Though the path is mostly clear, it’s anything but easy! The trail starts climbing almost as soon as it begins. The highest point, at Schlieper Rock, clocks in at nearly 3,600 feet. It’s an uphill battle, but once you get the highest point, you begin descending into a grotto where you find Murietta Falls. 

What You Can See at Murietta Falls 

Once you arrive at Murietta Falls, you can expect to find a 100-foot tall rock formation with a narrow waterfall. When the weather has been exceptionally dry (which isn’t unusual for this area of California) you might not see a waterfall. However, the views of this massive rock formation are just good! 

Be sure to take photos in front of the falls to show your friends and family that you hiked the second most challenging trail in the Bay Area! Once you’ve mastered one of the toughest hikes, these other hiking trails in Livermore will feel like a piece of cake! 

More at Del Valle Regional Park

The Murietta Falls Hike begins near Lake Del Valle. The first portion of the hike winds through Lake Del Valle Regional Park’s thick woodlands. Check out other great outdoor exploration at Lake Del Valle while you’re in the area! 

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