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Here’s Why Joya Yoga Is the Best Studio for Yoga in Livermore

Vacations are all about relaxing. Find your peace of mind during your next trip with yoga in Livermore! This practice has been improved and held-dear by yogis for thousands of years. The practice originated in India and is now popular in Western culture. Whether you’re a novice or experienced student, clear your mind and move your body at Joya Yoga in Livermore. It’s easy when you take advantage of our special Joya Yoga Package! This special offer is available for one, three, or five-day yoga retreats and includes classes, gift cards, spa services, and more! 

Everything You Need to Know About Joya Yoga in Livermore 

Is Yoga Right for You? 

The short answer is yes! No matter your experience, the practice of yoga can be modified to suit almost all skill levels. Don’t worry about having perfect asana, but rather listen to what your body tells you it’s capable of as your move through poses. Most classes also include an instructor who will verbally carry you through poses, demonstrate form, and even help with hands-on assistance if that’s something you’re comfortable with! 

If you’re not confident or comfortable with physical movement, opt for another branch of yoga known as meditation. Many yoga studios also offer guided meditations, in which students focus on breathing practices and navigate their thoughts, or not, depending on the class. Rest assured that the integral elements of meditation are incorporated into most yoga classes. 

Yoga Classes at Joya Yoga

Joya Yoga offers diverse class options right in the heart of downtown Livermore. Novice and experienced yogis alike can enjoy aerial yoga, vinyasa flow, power vinyasa, Bikram yoga, and Kundalini yoga. While all of these classes have similar elements, some are inherently more challenging than others. 

For example, Bikram yoga is a 90-minute class that’s held in a room heated to 105°F with 40 percent humidity. In that time, students continuously move through 26 postures. These classes are led by experienced and compassionate instructors who are there to assist students as they work through this practice. 

If heated yoga isn’t your scene, don’t worry! Joya Yoga has plenty of other yoga classes to choose from. Consider Yin yoga for a calm, relaxing class that also involves plenty of gentle movement. This 75-minute yoga class is not heated and is designed to promote stillness, increased flexibility, improve circulation, and more. 

Browse a full list of yoga classes at this studio in Livermore to plan what you which classes you will try!

Joya Yoga Package at The Purple Orchid

Group Yoga Retreat in Livermore, CA

Complete your stay in Wine Country California with The Purple Orchid’s Joya Yoga Package! 

This exclusive offer can be booked for one, three, or five-day yoga retreats and includes two classes at Yoga Joya each day of your stay, a $15 Steam House gift certificate, one LED light bed therapy session at Joya Yoga, an 80-minute massage, Eminence facial, or body scrub/wrap at our on-site spa, and access to all of the first-class amenities that are complimentary with your overnight stay in any guest room at The Purple Orchid. 

Yoga is a great way to start your day during your trip to Livermore. Clear your mind with a yoga class at Joya Yoga, then head to one of our favorite Livermore coffee shops for your morning fix!

Check our availability to begin planning your yoga retreat in Livermore Valley!

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